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General DNA Inc. offers RECIPROCATINGLIFE.COM℠ charitable fundraising services to companies doing the research relating to selection of superior genotypes and genomics in the field of genetics. Our mission is to support and enhance research in genetics and DNA, because this is where we will find answers to so many questions and puzzles. We strongly believe that discoveries in genetics will save the world from terminal diseases, hatred and even wars. Since some particular genes are responsible for our cruelty and other misbehavior. It is all in genetics. We want to make the world a better place.

General DNA Inc.

General DNA Inc. work in this field because we strongly believe that to conduct a fundraising campaign successfully you need to be a professional in fundraising products, services or research. General DNA Inc. has been conducting the research in DNA for more than 10 years. We have our own products and services. Since we successfully fundraised for our own products and services, we surely can help you too! Realizing the importance of investments in this field General DNA, Inc., designed a variety of unique successful tools that made our own RECIPROCATINGLIFE.COM℠ fundraising Services a success.

24/7 Fundraising

When fundraising we use a variety of tools that were specially designed for nonprofit fundraisers. Each year we create new marketing materials that help to advertise nonprofit fundraisers. To meet your requirements we customize all marketing and advertising materials. Every year General DNA Inc. team of highly qualified professionals create new advertising and marketing materials to make the non-profitable fundraising more and more successful. We helped ourselves and we surely can help you too! Each year, by using our highly effective RECIPROCATINGLIFE.COM℠ fundraising programs, General DNA Inc. helps its own products and services raise the money they need.

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Worldwide Experience and Fundraising

Our unique tools include educational materials explaining the importance and great value of fundraising products, services or research. When fundraising we use local media, direct mail, printed advertising, banner ads, Facebook pages, Twitter, blogs, video, flyers and many other techniques. We print brightly colored, eye-catching posters with your contact information and full information about the research you are conducting or services you are providing. We organize different events and even concerts. We start advertising the fundraising campaign in advance to increase the number of participating people and organizations. We use worldwide experience and fundraising ideas to make your fundraising campaign a huge success! And this money will promote the research that will bring new discoveries in genetics.

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